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  TuxCoder f7f81ebc47 bugfixes 1 year ago
  TuxCoder 46ef181ec7 add messure, I <3 JS, not 1 year ago
  TuxCoder b6b4a309d8 add layer management in url 1 year ago
  TuxCoder 1e7f6df1ec bugfix 1 year ago
  TuxCoder 4af74834b4 add photo tiles from Bianco Veigel & Rene Hansen 1 year ago
  TuxCoder 8a7a5a5972 switch to WEBGL and add coordinate to url and parse it 1 year ago
  TuxCoder 601f254c53 bugfix naming 1 year ago
  TuxCoder 0be9e0a56d bugfix 1 year ago
  TuxCoder ffc858ac29 add names, bugfixes, colors 1 year ago
  TuxCoder c37fca7f15 update 1 year ago
  TuxCoder 8391fe79e2 init 1 year ago
  Tim Schaub 2939d90df1 Update for ol@5 2 years ago
  Tim Schaub 3e5641a20a Updated dependencies 3 years ago
  Tim Schaub ac6d25978d Latest ol package 3 years ago
  Tim Schaub acef12a4ee Update dependencies 4 years ago
  Tim Schaub 126ef4e1be Correct charset 4 years ago
  Tim Schaub 07cac0ee31 Minify with Uglify 4 years ago
  Tim Schaub 358548b95a Latest ol@beta 4 years ago
  Tim Schaub 83335f3678 4 years ago
  Tim Schaub 102e8a4629 Webpack instructions 4 years ago
  Tim Schaub de42e97f9e 4 years ago